The most advanced bariatric toilet transfer solution available for
your safe patient handling and fall prevention programs

Bariatric LiftSeat

The Bariatric LiftSeat combines our breakthrough LiftTek™ Core Assistive Technology with a host of features to deliver the most advanced toilet transfer solution available for your Hospital and patients upto 295kg/45st.

The Bariatric LiftSeat moves easily from room to room and bedside to bathroom for use as a powered bedside commode or over-the-toilet lift.

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Handheld Control

Handheld control pendant gives caregivers control of the lifting process.

Removable Grab Bars

Stable grab bars can be removed to facilitate lateral transfers.

Power Options

Can be configured with AC power or a DC rechargeable battery.

Flat Transfer Seat

Wide, ergonomic, easy-to-clean transfer seat.

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Portable Bedside Commode

With our reusable, elongated drop-in commode bucket, the Bariatric LiftSeat offers a portable, reliable motorised bedside commode solution. The smooth, secure swivel locking wheels and ergonomic push bar make it easy to position the Bariatric LiftSeat at bedside when needed.

Swivel Locking Wheels

The large wheels can be set to lock in place, allow straight motion only, or swivel freely.

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The Bariatric LiftSeat helps hospitals comply with today’s taller EA2010 toilet height and increased weight requirements without costly building and plumbing modifications.

LS600 Bariatric Powered Toilet Lift Handheld Control Removable Grab Bars Power Options Flat Transfer Seat Portable Bedside Commode Swivel Locking Wheels Over-the-Toilet