About Us

Lift Seat Limited

Lift Seat Limited is a small family business based in the UK that developed, manufacture and market powered toilet lifts and powered bedside commodes for use in the home.

With offices and manufacturing in Sussex, we are a company proud to provide modern day toileting products that fit the needs of disabled people across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Upon deciding to enter this market Lift Seat Ltd spent a year speaking to OTs, disabled clients and engineers to ensure the design suited the range of human conditions it was going to meet, plus suited the range of (small) bathrooms it was going to need to be fitted in! Once we were confident the compact design was suitable for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, we needed to ensure it would fit over the range of different toilets it was going to meet. We therefore inspected over 20 different types and shapes of toilet and then settled on a design that we were confident was the best it could be. The result of this work is the Lift Seat Home, the Lift Seat Home Plus for bariatric clients and the Lift Seat Vertica. We are certain that we have succeeded in bringing the toilet lift device into the 21st century and maximizing the potential of this product.

We supply direct to the consumer, social services, NHS, nursing and care homes, or direct to public and private companies. Most importantly we work closely with occupational therapists who are the driving force in allowing their clients to live independently in their own homes.

The company was founded in 2014.

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